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21st September, 22:08

UK considers joining existing US-Mexico-Canada trade deal as hopes of standalone US agreement fade

Ministers are considering efforts to join an existing free trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada - or to strike a series of mini-deals with America - after Boris Johnson appeared to admit a standalone UK-US free trade deal was not an imminent prospect.
21st September, 20:23

Joe Biden 'personally trying to move things along' in Harry Dunn case, says PM

Joe Biden is "personally trying to move things along" in the case of Harry Dunn's alleged killer, Boris Johnson has said as he met with the US president in the White House.
21st September, 13:43

Only one of two shut down CO2 plants will restart under government deal to avert food crisis

The government has confirmed a deal with a key US firm to restart carbon dioxide production after a shutdown that had sparked a food supply crisis - but it will cover only one of its two UK sites.
21st September, 12:31

Thousands of terrified families fear for their lives and no longer see Afghanistan as their home

The desperation of those in Afghanistan is heart-rending.
17th September, 09:10

COVID-19: Should countries send vaccines abroad instead of giving booster jabs?

As the UK starts rolling out booster jabs, health experts have raised concerns about diverting resources from developing countries with much lower vaccination rates.
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