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28th May, 12:17

First case of monkeypox confirmed in Ireland

The first confirmed case of monkeypox has been identified in Ireland, health officials have said.
28th May, 12:08

Liverpool fans use speedboat to reach France for Champions League final after flight cancelled

Thirteen Liverpool fans have used a speedboat in a desperate bid to get to France for the Champions League final after their easyJet flight was cancelled.
28th May, 03:09

Easyjet and TUI flights cancelled and long queues at some UK airports as passengers face half-term disruption

EasyJet says it will cancel more than 200 flights over the next 10 days, putting half-term breaks at risk for thousands of travellers.
28th May, 02:00

Trump says school shooting was 'savage and barbaric' but criticises those pushing for stricter gun laws

Donald Trump has described the most recent US school shooting as a "savage and barbaric atrocity" but has criticised those who have called for stricter gun laws.
27th May, 19:44

'We knew he was a monster': Texas gunman had sinister nickname on social media

The 18-year-old who carried out a mass shooting in a Texas elementary school was given the nickname "The Yubo School Shooter" on a social media app he used.
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